The current political arena has been full of name throwing and the worst of them is Racism and Racist!

I was listening to candidate Clinton today and instead of talking about real issues that separate her from candidate Trump, she brings up the birther issue to try and stir up her base. What bothered me the most was her statement that questioning where the current President was born, was Racist. This is just silly and hate mongering.


Every citizen has the right to question whether a candidate for the highest office in the world has the legal requirements to hold this office. If you asked me for my birth certificate, I could produce it quickly. When a party goes to extreme efforts to seal a candidates college records which could shed light on what the candidate was registered as and his place of birth, they create the smoking gun!


Now people want to know what his party is hiding. People have totally forgotten that our current President is ½ white. Because he takes on more of the physical characteristics of his Father does not change this fact. In fact, he was raised by his white Grandparents. Martin Luther King would never call a person a Racist just because he disagreed with him nor should anyone who disagrees with the President.


A couple of years ago I was at my Mother’s 90th birthday in Washington State. I made the comment that I did not like this President and my liberal Brother who graduated from Berkley commented that “it was because he was black”. Now that was a Racist comment! I told him that it could not be because I think he has done a terrible job and has set this nation on its heels. This is the way the left attacks conservatives. They try to bully you without answering with any intelligence.


This country is involved in some of the most aggressive “race baiting” I have ever seen. I believe this is being promoted by the left to hold on to the black population. It has never been the conservative people of this country that have promoted segregation and hate for the blacks. The Ku Klux Klan was started by liberals to be the militant arm of the party after they disarmed all of them. The 1st Ku Klux Klan women’s group was started by a liberal. Liberal politicians as late as President Johnson hated and did all in their power to hold the blacks in areas that they could control them and last, but not least was the opening of Planned Parenthood by a liberal women in lower income black areas for ethnic cleansing.


Black hate mongering has never been more aggressive that by people like Al Sharpton that preaches hate for the white man, no matter how strongly that man feels about the love and respect and hopes for all Americans. Love is a hard thing for people to buy into. Hate is something that has gotten entirely, too easy to sell. This is the true state of this country.


When we have fools like Collin Kaepernick that disrespect the national anthem to try and prove a point that he does not even understand. He is engaged to a black lives matter supporter, but he has not visited the troubled areas of the country or given money to help these people. He is on a large stage, when going on the field and is making his team the embarrassment of the sport. He knows that millions of children watch the game and he has an obligation to conduct himself 100% professionally during this time. His coach is a coward for not standing up for the reputation of the entire team and not counseling Collin that this is not the proper place to act out on this issue.


Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys put it into perfect perspective: All you guys are actors when you hit the field and are there to put on the show the people paid to see. As actors, do not ever forget that you are on my stage and you will not disrespect the team, this country or its flag on my stage. You will stand for the playing of the national anthem with your hand over your heart.


Americans, please don’t let hate, words and thoughts from ugly people shape your future. As a company we reject every aspect of their agenda and make no mistake, it is an agenda.


Sir Mark Jones, President