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Mark Jones

Sir Mark Jones

The founder of NAAWP USA is a resident of Nevada, Father of 5 and a Grandfather of 10. He served in the USAFR as an Aircraft Electrician for 6 years, is a retired Volunteer Firefighter, member of several fraternal and social clubs, member of NRA, past union Vice President, entrepreneur and President/CEO of 5 current corporations.

Mr. Jones has been issued 11 patents in the casino gaming industry where his company INAG Inc. has been awarded the title “#1 card-based gaming company in the world” by world’s greatest as seen on TV. He carries roughly 30 different gaming licenses and has been licensed in insurance, real estate and securities. Mr. Jones also has 14 years in retail management with Home Depot, Lucky’s and Alpha Beta. He has owned his own landscape construction company and has over 20 years in the gaming industry. Mr. Jones has lived all over the country and in Japan and has the unique pleasure of working amongst a wide and diverse group of people. He has been broke on more than one occasion but with the support of his wife has fought to get up every time and find a new way to make a living. He does not believe that anyone owes another anything but a hand up. God’s greatest gift was to allow us to be born or live legally in this great land.

Our passion is to get like-minded people to open up a dialog where all of us can discuss openly issues we all share. I want to give back by sharing my life’s experiences along with others where those that are not where they want to be can reach out for guidance. If you want a hand out, reach out to a liberal. If you want a hand up, reach out to a conservative.

We want to educate the masses on how they are being pigeon holed by the government to keep them uneducated, uninformed and submissive. We believe that you are American first and then whatever other title you want to give yourself, fine. You are not white, brown, black, red, or yellow; you are Americans so start acting like it. If you want to live in America then accept the ways of the American people. We are tired of the politics of separation and as we build our political action fund, we will fight to remove from office any elected official that preaches separation.

I have never been jealous of people with more money and success than I have. Instead I have tried to learn from them and emulate what they did to reach that successful level. We bring this forum to all who are willing to grow and prosper as Americans. Yes, I am in the 1% group (way at the bottom) so don’t need to take on this challenge but I know the American dream is there for anyone who will get up, get knocked down and get up again. If you want to promote hate, crawl back in your hole and continue to live your miserable life. We encourage your opinions without the restriction of being PC. Join us and let’s grow together.

Paul Bissett

Sir Paul Bissett

Born in Edinburgh, Scotland and raised in the village of Blackness on the river Forth.  At the age of seventeen I embarked upon a twenty-three-year career in the British Royal Navy, which took me all over the world.

As well as my Naval career, I have been a certified mountain guide, made and installed kilns in Australia, been an instructor in Saudi Arabia, Documentation Manager for a software company in Taiwan, and in the USA, I have been a salesman for Sears, a firefighter, an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), a jewelry store manager, and for the last eleven years, the Senior Case Manager for the National Expert Witness Network.

Outside of work, I conduct Celtic and Scottish weddings.  I am also a Whisky Ambassador and host whisky events in California, Oregon, and Nevada.  For fun, I research whisky bars and write about whisky.


Eric Nanni - Creative Director

Eric Nanni – Creative Director

Married to a wonderful & creative lady (Karen Daniels Nanni) and a Father of 5 incredible kids, Eric grew up in Montreal where he learned to design and then graduate from CDI as a programmer/analyst. His continued interest in UI and design work has allowed him to work with some incredible fortune 500 companies, including Yahoo!, State Farm Insurance, Levis and Buffalo Jeans to name a few.

Eric Nanni’s mission is simple. To help drive the NAAWP-USA brand demand. Using his skills, talents and capabilities to help elevate brands from second tier to first rate, to motivate people from passive to passionate, and to captivate potential consumers, converting them to actual customers.

With over 21 years of Internet marketing, design & programming experience, Eric’s use of his collective and personal talents to translate complex information into compelling communication pieces is above par. The team that works with Eric Nanni need to have the same desire for and appreciation of compelling, breakthrough ideas and creative.


Karen Daniels Nanni

Karen Daniels Nanni

Karen Daniels Nanni is a Canadian Businesswoman, Aboriginal of Canada of the Okanagan Indian Band, and the President and Founder of the goodiidesign agency.  Karen is a mother of five children with Eric Nanni, her husband and partner.

Karen loves the United States and what it stands for, she is a faithful follower of the 2016 Presidential Election and knows that in her lifetime there will never be a moment more important than this.  A moment where freedoms, safety, and the dignity of the human person hinges upon this upcoming election.

Karen is the assistant librarian for the NAAWP-USA Inc. site and is the first point of contact to you, the readers & contributors.  Karen is responsible for any requests or inquiries to this site & welcomes all Member Article submissions and Inquiries.  Most of all, Karen is at your service.

The Human Race

“You are not black, brown, white or red, you are American! Start acting like it.”

“We will actively go after any politician or news network that continues to try and divide us.
Enough is Enough