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If you consider yourself an American first, this site should become your home. It will allow Americans of all backgrounds the ability to have their voices heard and actually give you the opportunity to help shape who we are as a country and to submit articles that can be shared with others. There will be no special communities or sections for any race, gender, religion or age. We are one people and we need to start acting like it. “United we stand – divided we fall” has real meaning and NAAWPUSA will work hard to unite all Americans.


How many of you really exercise your right to have your voice heard? How many of you even know how to get it heard? We need to return the power to the people, and the way to do that, is through numbers.  With enough people working together, we can influence our representatives in Washington DC.  Injustice affects all of us, and being constantly divided by our government adds fuel to allow for this injustice. If you are looking for a free handout, this group is not for you. We will be promoting getting back to work and offering a hand up.


When you pay your initial annual membership fee of $35, NAAWPUSA will send you an inch and ½ lapel pin and a political CD from David John and the Comstock Cowboys. This CD is full of songs mostly written by David himself and makes all that hear it understand that we are going in the wrong direction. David has agreed to allow NAAWPUSA to use his “Whatever happened to America” song as our theme song.  As we build up our funds, we will work to deliver content that is well written, non-hateful and non-politically correct. As founder of this company I believe that when you try to act PC, you are giving up your rights to think and act as an individual and this is wrong. If you speak out and your “friends” don’t like you because of it, find new friends. Membership fees will be due annually.

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Sadly, this has been the little voice that most of us hear in our heads. We have become lazy! Too many of us give up, when we run into a small bump in the road. We choose the easy life and hope someone else will fight the battle for us. This needs to stop. Getting involved will make a difference for you and many others. When you carry a sign and you are the only one there, you will not get noticed and your efforts will be for naught.  If you carry that same sign alongside of thousands of others, your sign might not stand out, but your message will. You have the God given right to stand up and join a cause that can make a difference.


We would like to establish chapters in every state as each state has its own different challenges. If these are not corrected, we as a country cannot get back to being great as a whole. We will establish a blog for members to have their voices heard, but will retain the right to sensor hate messages. We want to harness this anger into a positive movement. The more you get involved, the more you will get out of this movement. Let’s become the voice of the American people.

We will be opening up state chapters and will be looking for the right person with the same passion to Chair their states chapter. Please contact us if you are interested!

“We will actively go after any politician or news network that continues to try and divide us.  Enough is Enough

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What Happened To America

by David John & The Comstock Boys | Patriot Addition

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