Question: Why Join?

Answer: We offer a place where non-hateful views can be shared and where all of us can learn from
others. By sharing, listening and learning we can become a better educated public so we can
make better decisions. Members have greater access to articles and have the ability to write
and post their own. We will have a member’s only store soon. We also hope to have special
promotions for members only.

Question: Is this a political group?

Answer: We are not but politics is not off bound. Most Americans don’t even know why they belong
to a party or give much thought to how they vote. We hope to change that.

Question: Is being politically correct a requirement to participate?

Answer: Absolutely not. Passion will normally take a different road than that. We will clean up language
and notify you for the need to improve as all ages can read and participate so we would like to
be a good example to teach them a better way to communicate.

Question: Are any subjects off limits?

Answer: Only when they are presented in a hateful manner. Being mad is good but hateful; no

Question: Can I as a member suggest or submit articles?

Answer: We welcome them but only from members. Click here

Question: Is there a discount for couple membership?

Answer: Not at this time. Entry dues are set low on purpose so all can afford them. If you cannot afford
the dues, the President has the option to waive them for 1 year on a case by case situation.

Question: Can I write my dues off my taxes?

Answer: Not at this time.

Question: Are dues automatically renewed?

Answer: Not unless you chose that option* when becoming a member. (*if available)

Question: Can I change this option during the year?

Answer: Yes, of course.

Question: How do I get more involved with this group?

Answer: We will be looking for State Charter Chairpersons. Those that have been active as members
will be given 1st consideration.

Question: Are you affiliated with the Klu Klux Klan?

Answer: Not now or ever. We have the same first 5 letters in our name followed by USA but are not affiliated in any manner. In fact they stand for everything we oppose!