Letter From The President


Dear Members.

We have tried for years to get people to join this think tank, to open up conversation between opposing views on any subject, in hopes that people can learn from each other’s views. It was not our attempt to change those view, just add light to them.

People in America, especially the younger generation, have not learned the art of conversation or self-thinking. This is a sad and serious issue as they will control this country’s future. This is not all their fault, as it is the way opinionated teachers are teaching them. If they dare to speak out in dissent to the teachers thinking, it is reflected in their grade and social standing. This is bulling at its highest level.

Social media is the other monster, that has created this monster! Why has there been so little coverage of the Tech giants like Jobs and Gates that do not allow their kids to have smart phones? Their kids go to private schools where everything is done with pencil and pen. It was good enough for them and it will be good enough for their kids. They are teaching their kids with history, thinking and hard work.

We live in a divided society these days and there is enough blame for all to share. Group thinking is killing this great Republic. Individual thought is fleeting. It is the sad truth.

As of 31 December 2018, NAAWPUSA will be closing down the corporation. It is costing too much money for the small response we have received. We have been getting thousands of dark web hits and back channeling of messages that do not stand for who we are. We do not believe any of our members have been targeted. The cost to fight this kind of attack requires a lot of money and is not viable at this time.

Thank you for your support over our short journey.  We will continue to fight from this end but not as a corporation.


Sir Mark H. Jones,

President NAAWPUSA



2516 Business Parkway #G Minden, NV 89423


Office: 775-267-3262

Website: naawpusa.com