American Diversity

“We the people have tolerated it and sat by and allowed it to happen.”


America as we know it today is not the America our parents and their parents left to us. The government has abandoned the principles that had made us a great republic. This is not 100% on the shoulders of politicians as we the people have tolerated it and sat by and allowed it to happen. There is enough blame to go around.

Our political system is broken, our tax system is broken, our entitlement system is broken and our monetary system is broken. When America went off the Gold Standard during Richard Nixon’s presidency, the future of the dollar as the international monetary standard was crippled beyond belief.

Americans feel they are entitled to live a good life just for being American. We live our lives beyond our means just as our government does. We have used entitlements to pigeon hole groups of people just like all the failed socialist countries have in history. Going to the free printing of cash has destroyed the middle class and made the rich even richer and the poor even poorer.

Our mission as a company is to educate all Americans of the facts, even as ugly as they are in hopes to have the eyes of all Americans opened. We need to lift all Americans up and re-establish the American dream for all of us and stop the government from using tactics that create class warfare.

Remember that you’re not a Black, White, Yellow or Brown American.  You are an American.  Start acting like it.